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Y Schools Queensland

Journey To Employment

Y Schools Queensland provide adjusted education programs and vocational training to secondary students, who would benefit from an alternative learning environment. With campuses across Brisbane, the school supports students in their journey to employment. Students participate in programs dedicated to enhancing practical and personal skills, at a pace that encourages school attendance, engagement and confidence.

We believe in the power of inspired young people. The Y Schools Queensland draw on our fundamental values of honesty, responsibility, respect and care, to create a nurturing learning environment to support our students prepare for the future.

The school mission is to positively engage young people in education and lifelong learning, empowering them to become well rounded, confident and healthy human beings.

Our Philosophy

We believe all young people have the right to achieve their full potential irrelevant of circumstance. The development of the whole person is of utmost importance and we are guided in developing this through the YMCA’s philosophy of valuing a person’s Mind, Body and Spirit. We believe that this holistic approach is best delivered through a flexible individualised learning environment, to maximise positive outcomes for every individual.

Eligibility & Application Process

We aim to support students who have difficulty engaging in mainstream education. Whilst we endeavour to cater for all students, capacity limits do apply. Prospective students have to be referred to the Y Schools Queensland. Students participate in an induction process to determine their suitability for our programs.

Enrolment applications are preferred at the beginning of each school semester, however student referrals are welcome throughout the year.

Step 1
Speak with your School Guidance Officer
or Support Worker
Step 3
Send all documents to the selected
campus email address as instructed in
the application checklist

Enrolment Enquiry

If you have any questions regarding our enrolment proceedure or would like to speak with one of our representitives prior to enrolling please complete our Enrolment Enquiry.

Student Term Dates 2024

Term 1 2024
29 January – 27 March

Term 2 2024
16 April – 13 June

Term 3 2024
9 July – 12 September

Term 4 2024
1 October – 22 November

Student Free Days

1st March
10th May
9th August
30th August

Education Programs

Y Schools Queensland students are provided with a wide range of opportunities to support their development via our three core elements – Academic, Vocational and Wellbeing. Learn more.

Student Support Services

Y Schools Queensland provide students with evidence-based wellbeing programmes. These are delivered to support student’s mental and physical health and so they can actively participate in our school and the wider community, as well as support them in their Journey to Employment. Learn more.