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Gymnastics Coach Jobs

Jump into Gymnastics Coaching at the Y

Put a fun twist on working in the fitness industry! Being a gymnastics coach is a rewarding and exciting career pathway for anyone who loves sport and working with children! Forget sitting at a desk from 9 to 5 and instead spend your day in the gym helping your students learn incredible tricks and improve their physical strength!

At the Y Gymnastics, we support our coaches to expand their teaching skillset and develop as fitness professionals, from beginner, to intermediate and experienced coaches. Most importantly, we strive to be a supportive workplace so that you will love coming to work each and every day!

YMCA Gymnastics Junior Coach Development Program

The YMCA Gymnastics Junior Coach Development Program aims to develop quality young coaches by opening up opportunities to young people between 14 – 19 years of age. By joining the program, you will get paid while you learn and gain your qualifications!

Gymnastics Positions Available

KinderGym Coach

Lead little learners in song, dance and play! KinderGym coaches help children aged from 6 months to 5 years to develop motor skills and confidence!

You don’t need to be an expert gymnast to run KinderGym classes, as the program focuses on teaching children simple development skills like running, jumping, swinging and rolling. This role is ideal for beginner coaches, recently graduated gymnastics students or experienced coaches who love working with young children.


You get to be a big kid yourself planning entertaining, colourful and creative activities that teach children good coordination and movement skills. The role of a KinderGym coach involves:

  • Setting up the gymnasium with Kinder equipment and toys before a class
  • Using your imagination to plan play activities
  • Jump around the gym leading 45 to 60-minute classes
  • Recreational Gymnastics Coach

    Recreational gymnastics coaches teach children the core positions, correct form and practice skills for the beam, bars, floor, rings, trampoline and more!

    The Y’s recreational gymnastics program, called Y Steps, encourages children to simply enjoy gymnastics, learn at their own pace and have loads of fun!


    This is where you come in – it’s the coach’s job to:

    • Setup gymnastics apparatus and round up your students for class
    • Teach gymnastics to your class using the ready-made lesson plans from the Y’s gymnastics curriculum. Coaches have the rewarding role of leading gymnasts through activities, demonstrating movements and providing feedback to students so you see them improve each lesson! Classes are typically 1-hour but get longer for the older Steps classes.
    • Supervising your class and ensuring each child is safe and is wearing a big smile.
    Competitive Gymnastics Coach

    Our competitive coaches know gymnastics and have the fulfilling job of transforming gymnasts into amazing athletes. The Y’s competitive program is offered to children from 7 years of age right through to high school.

    Competitive coaches work intensively with gymnasts to prepare them for events by choreographing and perfecting routines across all apparatus. At the Y, we don’t just celebrate winning medals, we celebrate when gymnasts try their best, demonstrate determination and display good sportsmanship.


    Competitive coaches are responsible for:

    • Set up and pack up of apparatus and equipment for classes
    • Teaching gymnastics through YMCA lesson plans
    • Preparing gymnasts for competition through choreographing, practicing and refining routines
    • Ensuring gymnasts are training safely and effectively
    • Attending competition events with students
    • Build on and create dynamic gymnastics programs for gymnasts

    Gymnastics Work Hours Overview

    Gymnastics classes run Monday to Saturday weekly. The Y accommodates the personal availability of coaches, meaning you can run 1 or 2 classes a week... or many!

    • KinderGym classes run during the day, which is great for working parents who have to do school drop-offs and pick-ups.
    • Recreational and competitive classes are held after school, perfect for uni students or those with daytime commitments.

    Classes can be anywhere from 45-minutes through to 3-hours long, depending on the age of the children and the complexity of the class.

    Staff Benefits As A YMCA Gymnastics Coach

    In addition to joining a supportive, inclusive and community-focused workplace, the Y also offers staff benefits including free gym membership, counselling services, discounted private health and more.

    Coaching Qualifications

    Good news — you don’t have to be a Level 10 gymnast to become a coach! An interest and some experience in gymnastics go a long way. To join the Y as a Gymnastics coach, you simply need: 

    • Gymnastics coaching qualifications (if you don't have any yet, we can assist you to get them!)
    • First Aid and CPR Certificates
    • A passion for working with children
    • Experience in gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, or similar sports is preferred.

    Gymnastics Coach Working Locations

    Coach at one of our seven South East Queensland gymnasiums: Acacia Ridge, Bowen Hills, Caloundra, Jamboree Heights, Mango Hill, Stafford or Victoria Point.

    Gymnastics Coach Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What room for career progression is there?

    Gymnastics coaching can be a rewarding long-term career, and the Y is committed to supporting those who want to develop professional coaching skills. The Y offers training and development sessions, and we enjoy seeing our beginner and intermediate coaches progress to teaching more senior classes.

    What types of gymnastics classes are offered at the Y?

    KinderGym, Y Steps (recreational), Competitive, Rhythmic, Ninja and Adult classes.

    Can I teach different levels of classes?

    Yes! Coaches can teach a mix of KinderGym, Steps or Competitive (depending on their experience), and even some of our unique classes like Ninja and Adult.