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Community Centres

We run thriving community centres serving the needs of residents in Acacia Ridge, Cannon Hill, Mango Hill, North Lakes, Victoria Point, Ipswich, Springfield Central, Springfield Lakes, Wynnum and Yarrabilba. YMCA Community Centres provide a safe and welcoming space for people to connect, have fun and receive support.

Many of our community centres also offer programs and events designed for teenagers and young people to come together in a safe space, focusing on activities such as basketball, music, gaming or whatever interests young people in the area express.

Communities, especially young people, have the opportunity to form friendships and develop their sense of self, wellbeing and confidence through social, cultural and recreational activities.

Community Centre Locations

YMCA believes in the power of inspired young people.

We have created safe and supportive community spaces where you can connect with others.

Ensuring young people have a voice and feel heard is central to the work of the YMCA. We know that four out of every five young people don’t feel confident to speak on matters that concern them. Mental health problems and disorders also account for 50% of the burden of disease among young people.

Our community hubs are a place where they can share their thoughts and ideas, and be heard. We are committed to developing young people into resilient and confident adults equipped with skills and abilities to be a part of their community.

Our Community Hubs have the power to transform young people’s lives.

Kelly was a passionate member of a local hard-core metal music band when he began playing regularly at The Space in 2013. In early 2014, Kelly became the welcoming face of North Lakes reception when he joined the YMCA team as a junior admin assistant. Kelly experienced a steep learning curve during his first few months on the job, learning essential administration and customer service skills.

Kelly was nominated to attend the Inspired Leaders camp in Warwick in 2018, and has since become promoted to Project Officer with the Social Impact administration team. He has now also commenced studying IT and Business at university. Kelly’s story is one of inspiration and profound personal growth, demonstrating how our community hubs help empower youth to become the next generation of leaders in our community.