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Schools' Breakfast Program

Healthy Starts for Healthy Futures

At the YMCA, we have a mission to reduce the number of school students disadvantaged by hunger and poor nutrition. Our YMCA Schools’ Breakfast Program provides over 17,000+ children on any one day with a healthy breakfast; on average over approx.. 101,000 meals each month across 175+ schools in South East Queensland. Regions include the Logan, Ipswich, Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Scenic Rim, Gold Coast areas and Redland Bay. The program provides food, equipment and support to schools free of charge, so that schools are able to provide free breakfast to all children.

The YMCA Schools’ Breakfast Program began in September 2006 with the support of the Clem Jones Group and Foodbank Queensland. The program started at five state schools in the heart of Logan, deemed by Education Queensland as ‘most in need’ of a breakfast program.

Our aim is to ensure students are provided with the best opportunity to make the most of their education and develop healthy eating habits. Our Schools’ Breakfast Program:

  • Maximises behavioural outcomes in the classroom
  • Enhances student engagement and school connectedness
  • Positively impacts student academic performance
“Students are provided with a healthy start to the day. Many students at my school do not get to have breakfast for a variety of reasons. The Breakfast Club not only provides them a healthy cereal / toast option but also gives them another avenue for emotional and social support.”
School Principal

Why YMCA Schools' Breakfast Program

For a variety of reasons, a significant number of children come to school without having had breakfast or a substantially healthy breakfast. This is something they are not able to control and as a result these children are disadvantaged by hunger and poor nutrition. Not only does this affect their education, but it also affects their long-term health and wellbeing.

Our Schools' Breakfast Program is about more than just providing free breakfasts to students. By providing students with a nutritious breakfast on a regular basis, students form the habit of eating healthy which prepares them to embark on a journey to a healthy future, experiencing the importance of good nutrition and diet. We want our program to have a life-long, positive impact.

"On a typical day around three students in every class will arrive at school hungry or without having eaten breakfast." - Foodbank Hunger in the Classroom Report 2015

Support Our Schools' Breakfast Program

The YMCA would like to continue growing the Schools’ Breakfasts Program to support 200 schools and provide over 1,000,000 breakfasts per annum by 2025. To achieve this goal, more donations and support from the community are vital. There are many ways you can be involved and make an impact on a child’s health, wellbeing, and future.


Volunteers are invaluable to our Breakfast Program. Volunteers help foster a student’s sense of belonging by providing a warm, friendly greeting in the morning. They offer acceptance and a safe haven to a child who may be hungry, isolated, or vulnerable.

As a Breakfast volunteer, you are a positive adult role model to the students – giving them the opportunity to learn manners, take turns and understand the importance of eating a healthy breakfast.

You can make a real difference – turning what could have been an unhappy, disruptive day for a child into a day filled with hope, a full tummy, and a real opportunity in the classroom.

The Schools who run the YMCA Schools’ Breakfast Program manage their volunteering themselves and each school has their own process on how they engage volunteers. Should you wish to volunteer at a school near you who has one of our programs, you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name of the school you would like to volunteer at. We can send your details to the school for them to engage with you directly or alternatively you can contact the school directly to find out about volunteering. Note you may require a Blue Card as part of the Safeguarding of children.

Becoming Our Partner and School Sponsor

If your business or organisation wants to improve the lives of disadvantaged school children, you can support us by becoming an official partner and:

  • Make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged school children
  • Promote a healthier future for school children
  • Gain positive visibility and goodwill
  • Fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility

Options to partner with us include:

  • Become a “Breakfast Ambassador”: Sponsor a school and support their Breakfast Program through funding.
  • Fundraise: Help raise funds to purchase breakfast foods the YMCA is unable to source from Foodbank
  • Donate product: Donate breakfast spreads, cereals, canned fruit, UHT milk, napkins, and spoons, disposable cups, jam, vegemite, cheese spread, up and go’s, muesli bars etc. Product donations can be made directly to your selected local school or to the YMCA for distribution to one or more schools. A receipt to the value of the food can be provided for your organisation.

N.B. All monetary donations are tax-deductible

Corporate Volunteering is also available for those who sponsor a school breakfast program (staff can see firsthand how their support is benefiting the community).

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (07) 3440 4312 or Mobile: 0460031427 to discuss how you can be involved.

"Your donation has benefited our students by allowing them to have something to eat before their class which in turn helps them stay more focused in class and learn more efficiently. A lot of our students come from environments where breakfast is not available or considered important and being able to have it when they get to school is a major positive in their lives that contributes to their health and wellbeing."
School Administrator / Breakfast Assistant


    If you or your business would like to donate or support the Schools’ Breakfast Program, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..