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Volunteering at your local YMCA is a great way to learn new skills, make new connections and contribute to your local community. It's also a great way to enhance your CV and job prospects for the future.

The Y offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for both individuals and groups.
Our volunteers come together from all walks of life with a commitment to helping others and to share their skills and expertise.

Whatever your skillset, availability or areas of interest, you may surprise yourself with the different ways you can make a difference!

YMCA Current Volunteer Opportunities

We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities for you to get involved in, from retail and event volunteering to dynamic roles to support local initiatives. Below are our ongoing volunteering opportunities. We also encourage you to contact us via this form for information on further roles in your local YMCA.

Op Shop Volunteers

Volunteers are an integral part of YMCA Op Shops. We are always looking for individuals, regardless of age & skills, to bring fresh energy and ideas to our retail stores.

Schools' Breakfast Volunteers

Be the reason children receive a nutrious start to their school day by helping serve up breakfast in your local primary school. Our volunteers make a real difference by turning what could have been an unhappy, disruptive day for a child into a day filled with hope, a full tummy, and an equal opportunity in the classroom.

Community Centre Volunteers

Our community centres offer a variety of volunteering roles including administration, event planning, fundraising, program coordination roles and more. Be a part of a passionate team that provides essential services, support and opportunities to connect for the community. We will help find a role and a commitment level that is right for you.

Youth Mentors

YMCA Youth Mentors are responsible for developing and maintaining a positive mentoring relationship with a young person experiencing behavioural, social and/or mental health problems. Youth Mentors are embedded within the life of the YMCA Vocational School. They provide support and guidance to young people during class, vocational training and extracurricular activities, and aim to increase connectedness, social skills and school engagement.

Volunteer at Old Petrie Town

Set amongst a beautiful backdrop of ancient Moreton Bay fig trees and heritage buildings, Old Petrie Town offers a place for all to enjoy, and attracts huge crowds for it’s weekly markets and other fun events. Be a part of a passionate team that provides opportunities for community connection. We will help find a role and a commitment level that is right for you.