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Programs & Pathways

Y Schools Queensland

Journey to Employment

Y Schools Queensland students are provided with a wide range of opportunities to support their development via our three core elements – Academic, Vocational and Wellbeing.

We believe that a combined approach in these three areas is critical in supporting students on their journey to employment and can assist in achieving more consistent positive outcomes.
Care, Respect, Responsibility, Honesty
Our multidisciplinary school team works hard to support all students in their learning journey.

Education Program

All students are interviewed by our teachers, youth workers and school support staff to create their student profile. Students can complete courses that contribute to their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or a Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement.

Junior School Learning Suite

Students in Years 7 to 9 have access to Y Schools Queensland junior school program. Units of study change each year on a 3-year cycle to accommodate vertical class groupings. Alongside the core subjects of English, Mathematics, HASS, Design and Technologies, Art, Science and the Body, Mind and Spirit program, students can participate in an Introductory Vocational Learning Suite, along with campus specific programs.

Foundation Skills Learning Suite

Year 10 students enter their senior phase of learning, completing a modified program drawing on Australian Curriculum Year 10 Achievement Standards for English, Mathematics, Science and Y Schools Queensland Body, Mind and Spirit program. Students also can engage with History, HPE, Design and technology, along with campus specific programs and the Preliminary Vocational Suite.

Year 11 and Year 12 Students

Students in Year 11 and 12 can participate in the Foundation Skills Learning Suite. Generally, Year 11 and 12 students access learning opportunities from the Foundation Vocational Learning Suite (Short Courses), the Essential Skills Learning Suite (Applied Subjects) or the Vocational Extension Learning Suite, dependent on their interests and strengths.

Pre-Vocational Courses

Developing work readiness skills, and positive attitudes towards work is activated through participation in a variety of vocational activities and experiences throughout Years 7 to 12.

Industry Exposure

Preparing for and engaging our young people with industry is a priority. We believe the more exposure students get to the world of work, the more prepared they are to participate in employment opportunities.

Body, Mind and Spirt

Y Schools Queensland Body, Mind & Spirit program is a holistic approach to integrating all aspects of a young person's development. The program has a strong focus on the YMCA values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing are taught in a manner that builds each student's sense of belonging and connectedness. This promotes a healthy growth mindset which enables our students to thrive. Students participate in lessons based on our Thrive Pathways Framework. This supports students to develop conflict resolution skills, grow in their understanding of mental health and wellbeing, drug and alcohol education and, relationship building. The lessons, facilitated by school staff and external agencies, provide students with the opportunity to learn about social considerations and practice skills that will enhance their wellbeing.

School-Specific Program

Each school site offers a variety of developed programs. These programs reflect the interests of a school’s current student cohort, the resources available within the school and access to community resources.


Additional internal support (literacy, numeracy, wellbeing), and collaboration with internal and external agencies is a priority for our teams.

Student Support Service

Y Schools Queensland provide a range of programs and counselling and support services to help improve our students' overall physical and mental wellbeing. The programs assist them to develop necessary life skills that will support them to become happy, healthy, successful and contributing members of our community.

School Policies

To support our students’ success at our Schools, several policies provide the basis for supporting our students to get the most out of their engagement with us.