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Student Support

The importance of student wellbeing and educational engagement is emphasised throughout all Y Schools Queensland programs. We provide intentional wellbeing support which is provided to students by our multidisciplinary team. This team is made up of; psychologists, counsellors, caseworkers/social workers, youth workers and wellbeing program coordinators.

Using YMCA’s Thrive Wellbeing Framework, we support students to increase their social and emotional wellbeing, as well as their drive and ability to participate in a school community, where they feel safe and connected. All students have access to one-on-one counselling onsite, and in-class support from experienced youth workers. The wellbeing team facilitate numerous group programs, which support students’ healthy development and growth in body, mind and spirit.

Individual Learning Profiles

Individual Learning Profiles are created for every student. Teachers consult with students and parent/carers to learn all about each their individual characteristics and strengths. School staff identify what strategies can be put in place to proactively support students, and help connect them with their learning, to help them achieve their goals.


Thrive is the YMCA’s evidence-based approach to develop flourishing mental wellbeing and self-efficacy in young people. Based on best practice in trauma-informed education, Thrive brings together key student support strategies, and draws on developmental techniques to empower our young people with ways to regulate their emotions, increase coping skills and develop healthy relationships.

Youth Workers

Youth workers are present in every classroom, which ensures students have the support they need throughout the school day. Youth workers specialise in therapeutic relationships, fostering school connectedness and building student resilience.

Counselling and Case Management

Students have access to qualified counsellors and case workers on-site at school. This supports students to overcome social-emotional challenges and complex barriers to education and engagement, both at school, and in their transition to the world beyond.

Wellbeing Programs

School-Based Mentoring, Breakfast, Holiday and Enrichment Programs are available to all students. In addition, a range of therapeutic and practical group programs are held on each campus. This ensures a range of options are available to students that may need additional support in literacy, numeracy and wellbeing.